TFEH is an organiser and promoter of free improv, free jazz & Noise gigs in Edinburgh

We are a sister organisation to the GianT Tank label


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Giant Tank is an Edinburgh noise label that has been in operation for over 20 years. SomE of the label's releases are here, it's most recent release is here


2022 GIGS

April 21: Ashley Paul + RAY / Tom Mudd / Vole invasion

May 9: Ryoko Akama + Anne F Jacques/ Milford Hurtful + Benicio Del Trainwreck / OFF Brand (ALI+Firas)

June 30: Hannah Ellul / jules Rawlinson / Off Brand


July 15: Lori Goldston / Usurper / Firas Khnaisser

August: Edinburgh Festival has ravaged the city

September 1: Justice Weldham / Lauren Sarah Hayes (+ friends) /Off Brand ->>>  book here --->>>

November 12: Sholto Dobie

More shows being scheduled




Giggin' at the park - Sparkle and Shine - Sturm, Robertsons, Khnaissers at St. Margret's Loch, Edinburgh on 11.07.2020
Papageorgiou - Welch - Khnaisser at Forest Cafe, Edinburgh on 29.06.19


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